As is true with all big life events, change is hard. Last month, I had a full-time job, school and a social circle. This month, I have the joy of sitting in peace with my husband, the time to sort out my belongings and to catch up on housework. Although this may seem perfect, I find that I am so used to being in a rush and under deadlines that the quiet moments are difficult to master. I feel like I’m being lazy and unproductive. So, I’ve started packing and getting rid of our junk.

In preparation for our upcoming transition to RV living, we’ve started packing those things we wish to keep in storage and sorting out those things we’re willing to donate. I’ve uncluttered my sewing table, bought used board games, picked up plastic totes and tubs. Our small apartment looks like we’re moving. Which would be alright except that our move will take place in March, eight months away!

I am that mother who saved every baby picture, every school project. I am that crafter that saved every ribbon and button. I can’t tell you how much yarn I have tucked into bags and under tables. I have books I know I’ll never read, music I’ve stopped listening to and movies I haven’t watched in years. But, as I go through these items, I am reminded of the history attached to each object. Thank God for digital cameras, I can snap a picture of each item and preserve the memory without continuing to hold on to the physical item.

As I write this, I am planning my next project, thinking about our next adventure and feeling thankful for the people and life events that brought such lasting memories to my life! Whatever the future holds for us, I know I’ll carry them all in my heart. I have been truly blessed!

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