Undiminished Beauty

Undiminished Beauty

When I think about my litter sister Maureen Lovell (Frey), I am moved by her beauty. She was of course, beautiful, but not only in the way it is often defined. She was beautiful because she shared her undiminished light with everyone who knew her.

On October 8th, Moni, as she was known to friends and family, passed away after a long illness. She struggled with Lymphedema and infections that ultimately led to Sepsis and eventually took her life. It was a condition that caused her intense pain and eventually the loss of mobility and self-care but never her spirit nor her undiminished love of life.

Today, I want to celebrate her life, loves and the talent that she shared with the world. She was an artist whose work was whimsical and intricately detailed. She loved her husband, sons, grandchildren, six sisters and their families. She loved God and carried that faith with her always. She was an amateur radio operator who served her community. She cared for others throughout her life and in her work as a healthcare provider. But she was so much more. Below are a few the things she gave us in her 61 beautiful years.

If you would like to learn more about her work and legacy, please follow the links below. Your comments are welcome here. Thanks for helping me celebrate her beautiful and undiminished light.

Maureen’s Own Creations


One thought on “Undiminished Beauty”

  1. That’s was a beautiful and kind way to celebrate her life. I was very sorry to hear about her passing. I wish you and all those who miss her a double helping of peace about her passing and joy for having known her.


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