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New Adventures and adjusted plans

Did you ever have a plan that you thought was just perfect? Did things work out just the way you’d planned? We’ve recently been presented with an opportunity to change directions and reexamine our plans, to follow the winds of change. I haven’t yet decided if that’s a good or bad thing, we’ll see!

Tall Ship

As many of you know, I retired (and graduated) in June of this year. My husband and I have made plans to give up our apartment and travel in an RV full time for the next several years. We’ve been looking for a Class A Motorhome and had planned on towing a small vehicle (for use when we were stationary.) We really want to spend time with our children and grandchildren who live in four different states and, we have family in the Midwest and near the East Coast. We have a life-time federal parks pass and want to visit many of our nation’s most beautiful treasures as we travel.

In our search for the perfect vehicle, we decided to expanded our options to include 5th Wheel RVs. We knew purchasing a 5th Wheel, while cheaper, would require us to also purchase a pickup truck. Our research showed us that for the same cost as a new Class A, we could get a new 5th Wheel and a used truck strong enough to pull the RV. We found a combination that we really liked. I’ve posted some pictures below.

And then, while looking for a part-time job to fill the months until we leave (March 2020), I was presented with a new career opportunity. a chance to become a Registered Behavior Technician. I’ve completed my initial training and have accepted a position working with children with Autism. The job will allow me to work part-time, enhance my skills, gain new certifications and eventually, explore working outside of Oregon should we chose to settle somewhere long-term. I am thrilled to be given this chance to serve in new ways!

So, what does that mean for our travel plans and celebrating our retirement? Only time will tell. Would you start a new career at 63 years old? I would love to know your thoughts.