Retire to the PHILIPPINES?

Hello again! I have a dear friend and coworker who wants my husband and me to retire to the Philippines. She has a beautiful farm there, thick with trees. It looks amazing. We could help her with her farm, my husband would cook for us and we could visit the river and nearby beaches. It all sounds amazing. My oldest son says it would be the perfect place for me because I would be near so many places I want to visit.

I have linked another travel video for you below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

If you could retire, where would you like to go? Will you please share with me some of the places you’d like to see? I would gladly help you with your research!

17 thoughts on “Retire to the PHILIPPINES?”

      1. Lisa, Thank you! That’s good to know. My friend owns a farm and other properties with a small house that I could rent and have a garden. It’s tempting!


      1. Jean, thanks for the feedback! Some of my classmates may not know my blog is public and shared with friends and family. For those of you reading this, Jean is my friend and daughter-in-law. She took a cruise to Greece (among other places) and thinks a direct tour would be a better idea.

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  1. There are a bunch of places I want to visit, but one place that I want to see the most would be Vatican City, and probably Rome as well. I have always thought the architecture looked really cool from the photos I’ve seen. I’ve also heard that pictures don’t do it justice, and the feeling of the place is an experience all by itself. Some day I’ll get to go, but for now it’s just not in the cards.

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    1. Travis, I have a friend who took his whole family there this past Christmas. The pictures were wonderful. Would you like to drive a rental car or go on a tour? What time of year would you like to travel?

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    2. Travis, at the risk of being irreverent I can’t help but think of the great (and hilarious) Fellini film, which ends with a visit to the Vatican. I stumbled on it at the library and couldn’t believe how great it was. Not one of his more famous ones but well worth seeing. Here’s the Wikipedia summary:

      Two young newlyweds from a provincial town, Wanda (Brunella Bovo) and Ivan Cavalli (Leopoldo Trieste), arrive in Rome for their honeymoon. Wanda is obsessed with the “White Sheik” (Alberto Sordi), the Rudolph Valentino-like hero of a soap opera photo strip and sneaks off to find him, leaving her conventional, petit bourgeois husband in hysterics as he tries to hide his wife’s disappearance from his strait-laced relatives who are waiting to go with them to visit the Pope.

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  2. Retiring somewhere beautiful as always been a dream of mine! I think being able to retire somewhere like New Zealand would be absolutely amazing. I can’t deny that I absolutely love their accents as well.

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    1. Lexis, one way to do that is to get a temporary working holiday visa. If you’re under 30, you can get a visa to stay for up to 12 months.


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