Which Camera Do I use

I have two main cameras, both are Sony’s (my husband uses an Olympus). Both of my cameras are from their Alpha Series, a DSLR A330 and an a3000. I’ve linked a side-by-side comparison here. However, I do believe that regardless of the camera you have, you can learn to take outstanding pictures.

A short while ago, I was asked a question by a classmate (Lien). She wanted to know what type of camera I used. I immediately thought of an old podcast my husband and I used to listen to called “This Week In Photo”. One of their topics was on equipment and the question came up “Which camera do you use?” The answer given was, “Which ever one I have with me at the time.” I’ve been looking for this episode and will post a link to it when I find it.

Have you ever stopped to watch a sunrise or sunset and thought, I wish I’d brought a camera? Do you carry a phone? Do you have a Kindle, iPad, tablet or portable computer? Does it have a camera function? Then, you have all the equipment you need to get started.

You may not know it, but I myself have had very little formal training and would consider myself a continuing student of photography. On May 24th, I’m planning to take a walk around Clackamas Community College in the late afternoon. I’d be happy to have you join me to discuss how I choose my subjects and how to explore different vantage points. Who would like to take a walk with me?

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  1. Darn, I’ll be on our annual English Dept. retreat on Friday (at the Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport—a weird Oregon landmark, a hotel just for book lovers).

    Love the post, but our inquiring minds would love see pics of the cameras, even if they’re just borrowed online images. Also links to where they can be bought?

    And what would really be great is for you to post two pictures of the same thing, taken with the two different cameras!

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  2. Dave, great ideas! Thank you. I’m glad you will be doing something you love. We never seem to be in the same place at the same time. Will you be at graduation? I will post a follow-up this week. I have pictures taken at the same time and location with these two cameras. I can also talk about the features I find most useful to me and what I struggle with on each camera. Although, I am really looking forward to expanding the subjects I cover before the class is over. Thanks again!


  3. I myself have a Canon camera (before that was a Fuji) and I have dabbled with darkroom photography and still have my Pentax. I would also love to see a side-by-side comparison of the two cameras. I would also be interested if you had any tips to share about your cameras or taking pictures in general. I am always looking to expand my photography knowledge.

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    1. Jillian, I started with 35mm and then moved to small point and shoot cameras. I included a link above in the article that shows the side-by-side comparisons. It includes pictures of both cameras. Tomorrow, in the afternoon, I plan to have them both with me at CCC. I have learned most of what I know through experimentation. I would be happy to share what I’ve learned.


  4. Hi Sheri! Oddly, this post reminds me of a discussion or maybe an article I read about people who carry concealed firearms. The question came up, “Which one should I carry?” The answer was something to the effect of whatever you enjoy carrying. Which totally makes sense… if you’re not carrying your favorite pistol, camera, baseball cap, etc… you’re probably not going to want to bring it with you, let alone use it. 🙂

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    1. Yes, I agree. In the referenced podcast, the host asked which camera the guest liked to use. The guest’s response made me realize that it didn’t matter which camera I had with me, I could still take great pictures. What seemed more important to me was that I try to learn what each camera was capable of and to master those skills. As a result, I began trying the same shots with multiple cameras on different settings until I could capture what I saw with my eyes, regardless of the equipment.

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  5. Sheri! I love the fact that you’re getting people inspired to go out there and start shooting. It truly is that whatever you have, you can use! I myself always wanted to start a youtube channel and always thought I had to have the most fanciest equipment when in reality, if i have my phone and internet, I’m all set! I would love to maybe see a blog post on some photography tips that you might have? Or things that you have encountered yourself that might help someone that’s a beginner in photography! I know with blogs, we usually have to have some pictures, so I know a lot of bloggers would love to learn!

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  6. Do you have any advice for beginner photographers? My wife and I have been wanting to get into photography, but we don’t have anything other than cell cameras at this time. Is there any specific brand that I better than others or better quality in the long run?

    Do you suggest people to take classes or some kind of formal training to learn about cameras and photography or just dive in and learn by doing?

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    1. Travis, my advice would be to take shots on different settings, in different lighting (or shadows) and from different angles. Then, don’t edit in the camera or delete your “bad” shots until you get to see them on a screen. I once deleted a series of shots had taken two weeks earlier of the rice fields in California because they seemed ordinary. On the last one, I saw the biplane I had been shooting as it dusted the crops. I had taken the images as it came in low over the crops and then gained altitude. In my camera, it was a small part of a larger picture.

      You can start with your phones. If you switch to another camera, always carry a spare battery and a spare memory card. YouTube is a great, free, place to learn. Take the risk, take the shot, watch your footing, have fun! The joy truly is in the journey, after all.


  7. There are several online courses that will get you started. do they go through the camera and photography one step at a time with assignments.

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