whichever camera you have with you at the time

Hello again! I have been encouraged by the comments from this group concerning my photography and cameras. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Below are three groups of images. The first group was taken with a Sony A3000. The Second was taken with a Sony A330 and the last group was taken with a Nikon Coolpix L2. All of these cameras are old and outdated. Sony and Nikon have updated and improved versions available. My Sony cameras were about $500 each. The Nikon was about $130 on clearance.

Image result for sony alpha series a3000
Sony A3000

Image result for sony alpha series a330
Sony A330
Stock photo
Nikon Coolpix L2

12 thoughts on “whichever camera you have with you at the time”

  1. So interesting, Sheri! And nice use of the “gallery” feature. I can definitely see differences.

    My wife and I have been using our phones exclusively for years. But when we went to Joshua Tree over spring break, we wanted to be phone-free (there’s no reception anyway) and so we brought our old Lumix/Leica. It was so fun to use, and the pictures were way better than our phones. Here are a few: https://photos.app.goo.gl/KwoKwv9QEt3pM5GU8

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    1. Dave, I really like your pictures. I love seeing the two of you enjoying your time in the sun. Many of your pictures are stunning. I’ve heard about Leica cameras. Photographers who’ve owned them say they are great cameras. Thank you for sharing your work with us!


    1. Travis, my Sony’s have greatly improved my ability to capture the image I want. I have a friend who bought one used for a great price. However, what seems to matter most is understanding the settings, tools, and capabilities of your equipment. Today, for example, I learned how to do in-camera editing on my phone and how to adjust the color based on the light saturation. What type of phone do you have? Perhaps I can help.


    1. Judith, Thank you! I understand how hard it must have been to lose your Pentax. I have many pictures that I’ve taken with my phone. I’ve also used my Kindle, my tablet (and those disposable cameras) and found that what matters most is understanding how your equipment works and what it’s capable of doing. YouTube is great for that, as are the manufacturer’s instruction manuals. I can often find PDFs of those online when I need them. I’ve learned to take the same picture from different angles. Digital cameras are so much better for that. In addition, I try to frame the photo in a way that highlights the scenery and eliminates most of the distractions (grass, fences, power poles, etc.). I used to delete my ‘bad’ photos in the camera and my husband finally convinced me to wait until I could view them on a larger screen. Often, I’ve found that there is something of value in at least part of the picture. Framing is my favorite tool, cropping is my second favorite tool for improving my pictures.


  2. Cameras and I have a love-hate relationship. Photography is an art and therefore I’m attracted. Cameras (especially phone ones) are technology, that believes in blowing a fuse for me. I’d take the Nikon you recommend because it looks like it takes only one hand and has no need to start smoking or holding down four buttons for one click. Is it as easy as it looks?

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    1. Lisa, I appreciate your situation (love/hate relationship). I started out trying to learn on 35mm cameras. They had so many settings. The beauty of my two Sony’s is that they can be fully automatic, or allow me to control the settings. There are a few tricks I’ve learned to frame my shots that have also helped. I can show someone ‘how I see’ and in a few minutes, they are taking beautiful pictures. I love handing my cameras to my grandchildren and then reviewing their work. I have so much to learn but feel blessed to share my knowledge with others. We should take a walk with your camera!


      1. Lisa, I had hoped to make that happen this weekend but family matters kept me busy. I work in Portland during the day and commute. Perhaps we can spend an hour together next weekend? I would love to come to Silverton!


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